“14 Ans d’Age – Finition en fûts de Whisky”

This Calvados stayed, during its last six ageing years in the Château, in small oak casks that first contained whisky (single malt from the Speyside valley in Scotland).It confers on this New Style Calvados a really different nose compared to a “standard” Calvados. Moreover subtle flavours of smell, marine air and cereals are coming in the mouth. The oak wood impregnated with whisky gives to this Château du Breuil product an aspect more aerial and a subtle iodine flavour.
To enjoy neat or on ice, this great Calvados of a complex and sophisticated elaboration should attract, fascinate (and definitively convert to Calvados ! ) the whisky lovers who are sensitive to this pure or single malts’ particular note. This exceptional Calvados should also appeal to all the lovers of spirits looking for rare flavours.